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Nobody could believe the new look for Sonic Hedgehog

Nobody could believe the new look for Sonic Hedgehog
Nobody could believe the new look for Sonic Hedgehog

First of all, after the hype of massive anticipation of the new look of sonic from IGN with an exclusive official poster entitled “ From the producer of the fast and the furious” to “a whole new speed of hero” the hedgehog. Today we encountered the leak of an exceptional look of a modern sonic.

The internet is going viral with an unsure decision of what or how to feel about Sonic?

The hideous look of sonic hedgehog

The hedgehog is looking scary with the ripped muscles, the shape of the iconic hero changed dramatically from a cute little fast sonic to a more define scary monster that got tall somehow from the original look. Today Sonic hedgehog opened his eyes to the world with a high definition leaked picture from Hamagami / Carroll, Inc. This company specialized in the entertainment industry and merchandising toys. Was the leak planed? Maybe.., is it market check to see the level of the acceptance of the newly remodeled hero? A possibility.

Deadpool impact?

We are talking Tim Miller (director of Deadpool), Jim Carrey ’s, and James Marsden’s. All those big names produced a failure in the fan eyes.

Many believe that the look is too modern, and the two eyeballs aspect is a core feature of the original hero, and the white hair in between the eyes is a remedy to adjust to the new look. It’s a signature.

The differences between the original sonic and the leaked one.

Sonic’s training shoes look nothing like the original boots. which they were more cartoony and cute. The difference between keeping a hero like Sonic in it frame and cross that frame is the details. Unfortunately, the makers failed to meet that expectation.

in their defense, I’ll say that they pay more attention to general details like the strings, which is a sign of speed.

I noticed the body proportions of the new Sonic hedgehog are more mature and fury. Sonic hedgehog is a cartoony character that needs attention to the fun, retro speedy looking.

The leaked photo introduced many aspects to the new look of Sonic’s new body. The Hedgehog comes out in Nov, 8th 2019 in the US. Nov,28th in Australia, and December 26th  in the UK.

In our opinion. We demand a redesign for the sonic new look.


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