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Devilish retro Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn Review

Devilish Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn Review

Were you gaming in 2010? Which platform was your favorite? PlayStation, Xbox 360, or maybe you are a classic Nintendo! I know I am! Today i decided to write a Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn review, a review that’s right, that game was the deal when Good-Feel and HAL Laboratory released it in 2010 in the US.

For you who don’t know Kirby it’s a real character that was born in 1992 in an imaginary world; our hero has special powers to copy his foes. Initially, he came from Kirby’s Dream Land and lastly landed in super Smash Bros Ultimate.

To begin with, this game has been very famous since it came to our world, from E3 2010 to Editor’s choice award from IGN.

Tomorrow Nintendo 3DS presenting one of the most popular superheroes with a new form called Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn. You got that right he is EXTRA! Let’s dive into the extra part of the game.

Well, if you played as Kirby before you would know that the cute hero can’t die, which means a total zen mode at all levels, imagine you play for hours with no challenge threatening your life. How cool is that? Enough to keep your babies playing while your shopping or watching or just being you, or maybe just for you when you only want to loosen your brain cells.

Moreover, Nintendo 3DS decided to open a whole new opportunity to enjoy the game even further, introducing the “Devilish mode” a silly name for a hard mode to give the game another aspect and address different tastes.

Kirby Extra Epic devilish review

Currently, In this mode, Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn will punish your mistakes; which changed the dynamic of the game entirely. In addition, now Kirby can unravel his enemies instead of copying their abilities. Also, they added many features as you progress in the game, from untying enemies to throwing bombs, generate yarn balls out of nothing, twirl, wield a wire like a sword, use a chain with a sharp ring at the end. The scary part of the devilish mode is there’s no save point; kind of The Dark Souls with no bonfire, I know the comparison here is dark and scary, it calls devilish mode for a reason.

Furthermore, the music in the games still sound relaxing and magical; it gets little edgy when you are in a tight spot.

The devilish mode wasn’t the only significant feature in Extra; therefore we noticed the new Slash & Bead, and DeDeDe Gogogo which contains four stages each.

In conclusion, marchape believes the almost decade-old game in our opinion successfully delivers the Extra on the game, it’s spicy with the devilish mode, and it gives a relaxed vibe even for newcomers. You always can find all the traditional, and retro features that we all love active and running in the game while the Extra is an optional feature for whoever would like to explore.


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