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Devil May Cry 5 Missions All 12 Secret locations

secrets missions for Devil May Cry 5
Devil May Cry 5 All 12 Secret Mission Locations

Devil May Cry 5 is the new emphasis of the popular Capcom franchise that happens a couple of years after the occasions of the fourth portion and the occurrence of the Order of the Sword. The powers of insidiousness are at their pinnacle, and an underhanded tree sits directly in the Red Grave City, its underlying foundations assaulting the occupants.
Twelve mystery missions will push your limits in Devil May Cry 5.  Every one of these missions will enable you to get a few blue orbs since you get another life bar each time you discover four pieces, that is three extra lives bar that you can get altogether by finishing these minor activities.

Devil May Cry 5 Nero’s Secret Missions

Mission number one:

Our hero for this mission would be Nero; it’s very simple crush your adversaries before the time runs out. The first secret mission will be on your way to mission two, which unlikely to miss as it serves as the tutorial. So it’s mandatory to finish this objective. Not many tips that I can provide on this one as it’s a simple task to accomplish. Do your best to get the maximum red orbs since the enemies are low skills.

Mission number two:

Mission number two is located in mission number 3 Devil May Cry 5, find your way to the sewers by passing through the entire portion of the roofs.  Once you reach the stairways in the sewers, go to the bottom level and look at the glowing point hanging from the ceiling, that will activate the mission by showing the red mark. In this mission, you’ll have to prevent red empusa from escaping from Nero. The tip here is to be quick efficient in killing them by grouping them. You can quickly alternate between enemies use the overture Devil Breaker as often as possible and do not hesitate to sacrifice one of your arms when they group to land more damage.

Devil May Cry 5 V-speed Secret Missions

Mission number Three:

You’ll find this mission in mission 4; This mission requires V-speed. You’ll need to collect 20 red orbs in 35 seconds. To reach this mission, you’ll have to obtain two Nidhogg hatchlings; the first is on your way by the bridge, the second one is a bit further. You shall continue forward until you find a wall with some design on it, summon nightmare to burst through the wall, enter the building from the wall, on your right you’ll see your second Nidhogg hatchling. Walk to the street on your left there’s a path to place the hatchlings, climb onto the top to access your secret mission.

Mission number four:

You’ll find it in mission number 5 on Devil May Cry 5; the Tip here is not to be touched by the enemies use nightmare to your advantage, and group the enemies to one side since space is small. To find your way is the same trick as mission number three summoned nightmare to break the wall, defeat your enemies, climb stairs by you to the top, look toward the wall you’ll find your red sign.

Devil May Cry 5 Back to Nero’s Secret Missions

Mission number five:

This one is not available until mission number eight on Devil May Cry 5, back to Nero, with a challenge of finding the blue orb without touching the ground once. Hold down the aiming button constantly so that Nero always targets the next point. At the end of the secret mission, there’s a trap. You’ll need to double jump to reach one of the last hooks. Arrive at the second lava cascade, Halfway, jump off the platform to reach a small ledge to the right. Make your way up through the grapple point by shooting and grabbing. On the nearby wall where your red sign is.

Mission number six:

You’ll find it in Mission nine, the objective here is to defeat an enemy pack within 20 seconds. Follow the main game path, until arriving toward a cave. Make a left turn while there are blood traces on the ground,  down the hallway, there’s a blue orb waiting for you blocked by some random spiky roots. Use Griffin to eliminate the obstacle. Enter the new room and make your way to the top while the red sign is waiting for you. The tip for this mission use Griffin and shadow and do not stop.

Speed critical

Mission number seven:

You’ll find it in mission ten. Speed is critical here as some area doors close so quickly, and the timing is essential. Dante is our hero for this mission, take the right exit, and down the path, you’ll find your secret mission. To finish it, counter the enemy attack and immediately shoot them.

Mission number eight:

Found in mission number eleven, This one Dante have to maintain an S-rank for 50 seconds, to reach this mission, while exploring a destroyed building, you are going to have to collapse the structure by crushing the first blood clot, jump onto the second floor, which you’ll find your secret mission. With the Barlog equipped which allows long combos, vary your attacks to keep your rank, it should be a piece of pie just don’t get hit and you’ll get the blue orb.

Mission number nine:

You’ll find this secret mission in mission twelve on Devil May Cry 5; the challenge is for Dante to stay in the air 15 seconds without touching the ground. Just follow the course of the mission, there will be blood red lines spread on the walls and the field, then look behind you to find your way to the secret mission. Just use cavalier swinging away in the air, try to land yourself on the enemy while swinging after 10 seconds.

Blue orb

Mission number ten:

This is the last mission for V, you’ll find it in mission fourteen, you’ll need to obtain the blue orb without touching the ground. This mission required the right timing, follow the path of the game until you come across a room where you can watch Nero fight. Break the heart of the blood clot roots, then go down behind the heart, you’ll find your red sign at the end of this path. The tip here is to use V cane until you are lower than the cave entrance, trigger the Griffin double jump.

Mission eleven:

Found in mission fifteen, behind the status that allows you to buy upgrades, there’s a secret path that is featuring double punchline breaker, send out the arm and then hold the button as it comes back to start riding it to the top to reach your secret mission at the right side. The challenge is to reach the top and obtain a blue orb within 20 seconds, use your triple jump and hover mechanism and you’ll be enjoying the ride.

Mission twelve:

The last secret mission which you’ll find it in mission sixteen; your challenge is to make Dante collect 800 red orbs thanks to dr Faust. To reach the secret mission finish your first combat, then follow the game path until you find a tree with red orbs. Go behind it and fall to the last secret mission. My tip on this one is to upgrade the dr Faust hat to increase the collectibility of the red orbs.

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