Warfare within the East – Tigers

I principally have the sport received at this level apart from mopping up (okay, there may be hellacious resistance round Maikop and Krasnodar and I am getting overwhelmed away from Voroshilovsk), however I used to be more than happy to see these guys pop up:

502nd Heavy Tank Battalion.

2 squads of pioneers, 2 squads of motorbike troops, 5 AA weapons, 22 Panzer IIIn (those with the brief barrelled 75mm/L24 gun initially used on the Panzer IV) . . . and 11 Tigers! The TOE requires 20 of them however the factories rolled out 11 whole as of final flip, in order that’s sufficient to deploy the unit. Put 20 tigers on the sector, together with supporting weapons and AFVs requires 799 males whole. Logistics is a bitch.

These guys will go proper to the 11th Military preventing to maintain Maikop and Krasnodar and take Voroshilovsk . . .

And sure, it does say they “Improve” to Tiger IIs. The manufacturing facility modifications over, after which models with Tiger Is ought to change them with Tigers IIs. It is not a literal improve.


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