CROSS PLANES: Guardians: White Out

I’ve just lately gotten into 3.75″ motion figures and my seven-year-old and I’ve, in her personal phrases, “epic battles” with them. I am additionally slowly including in a little bit of guidelines and cube rolling right here in there to introduce her to my different pastime.

Sure, this can be a Kenner Star Wars Imperial Snowtrooper Motion Determine

Whiteout for Guardians

Human Energy (Amor) Wielder, third stage

Str 10 (0) Dex 14 (+1) Int 19 (+3)
Wis 13 (+1) Con 11 (0) Cha 15 (+1)

Powers: Chilly Blast, Armor, Ice Slide (Flight), Ice Storm,

   Kind Wall, Projectile Fireplace

Items: Wealthy 
Points: Thrillseeker
AC 17. HP 29. EP 6. Armor grants AC 17 and DR 8.

Costume: White energy armor.

Rex Lassiter was born because the inheritor to the Lassiter Logistics Company and was set to inherit 10 billion upon his dad and mom loss of life. Rex was good and went to  M.I.T. at 14 and graduated at 19. It was at this level he moved to Silicon Valley and began Lassiter Cryonics and knowledgeable his dad and mom they might depart their fortune to charity, he needed to earn his personal fortune. By 26, Rex was value 10 billion and Lassiter Methods was a frontrunner in laptop manufacturing and cloud-based computing however he was bored and depressed. It was throughout a battle in downtown Denver that he knew what he needed to do subsequent when the Human Cyclone was making an attempt to apprehend the Utahraptor who had attacked a Brinks truck full of money from a distinguished marijuana vendor a couple of blocks away.

Rex used his mind and fortune to create the facility swimsuit that allowed him to grow to be Blast Freeze. Inside a couple of months, he had grow to be a preferred and revered hero in Denver and its environment however he wasn’t fulfilled and he was losing interest once more. As he contemplated his scenario he got here up with a reckless thought, he’d grow to be a supervillain.

Lassiter moved to L.A. the place he created an alternate id, Tommy Harper, and created a brand new swimsuit. Inside six weeks Whiteout made his debut by really attacking Flash Mob at a charity occasion the place he would have killed the younger superhero if his typically associate, Smartgun, intervened and made Whiteout retreat.

Rex knew he ought to have been horrified and responsible over his actions however he knew that is who he was meant to be. 

Nowadays he splits his time between Denver and L.A. however he’s slowly neglecting the Rex persona for the Whiteout persona.


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