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I built a village description generator powered by GPT-3 from OpenAI! Keep reading as I explain the who, what, where, when, and why I’ve built this – and over 2 dozen other advanced RPG generators. Grab your favorite beverage, settle in, and enjoy reading some of my thoughts on RPG design utilizing the power of AI.

D&D Character Backgrounds

I first started using AI for D&D back in 2019, fine-tuning GPT-2 to generate pretty convincing character backstories for Dungeons and Dragons and other tabletop RPGs. As I was working on it, OpenAI announced GPT-3. I signed up right away, explaining all the work I’d been doing with GPT-2. To my surprise, they accepted me!

Being one of the first 1,000 people to access GPT-3, I set about creating a MUD-like of some sort. To do so, I began using GPT-3 to generate character backstories like I’d done with GPT-2 previously. The results were so much better! Week after week, I struggled to get a basic RPG game going that would be powered by the AI.

When I got about 80% done, OpenAI announced their pricing structure for the GPT-3 API. Knowing I had quite a bit of work to do on my game and no money from investors, I decided to pivot and release the generators I’d built as tools for tabletop roleplaying enthusiasts. Happy to have a plan, I got to work.

Over the next few weeks, I re-tooled a number of generators whenever I had time during my freelance work and publishing novels. Little by little, the site began to come together. I nervously asked OpenAI for permission to launch, and got approved within a week. The rest, as they say, is history.

Since launching LitRPG Adventures in late 2020, I’ve not become rich, but the website is currently paying for itself with a little bit of profit left over. It’s not enough to survive on yet, but I’m still plugging away, adding new features, like a random dungeon generator, for example. Which reminds me…

Village Description Generator

One of the dozens of RPG generators I built for LitRPG Adventures is one that generates village descriptions. Members can create their own with a few tokens or browse our library of hundreds of already generated villages. We’ve also got random village encounters and a lot more on the site.

If you’re planning a fantasy campaign, the tools I’ve built at LitRPG Adventures will help you generate a great world to play in. I wish I could give access away for free, but it costs every time I access the OpenAI GPT-3 API. Because of this, I charge just a few pennies over my cost.

On LitRPG Adventures, you can buy credits for around a penny each – more or less depending on how much you buy at one time. The credits allow you to generate new village descriptions, monsters, and more. Or, you can browse our growing library of TTRPG content for free – no credits needed.

Village Description Generator Samples

Here’s a few samples of the village description generator at LitRPG Adventures.

Pawnee Village (Kingdom of Pawnee)


(Desert) (New Construction) (Forbidden) (Modern)


The village of Pawnee is a large, desert village. The wall that surrounds the village is a massive stone wall, with a few small watchtowers. The village was founded by a wealthy local merchant. Upon his death, he left a large amount of money to the town.

With the money, the town was able to slow the effects of time and maintain it’s former glory. The town itself is large, and is home to around twenty thousand people.

The village is home to multiple shops, ranging from grocery stores to blacksmiths. The village is home a strong military force, but is not incorporated into the local military.



(New Construction) (Farmland) (Walls) (Ancient)


Nogardin is a new village that was formed by the many refugees of the great orc war. the village is small with only a few hundred inhabitants, but it is the only safe haven for many refugees. The current leader of the village is an orc named Agonor, and is hated by the villagers.

With the permission of the new EEC, the orcs are allowed to live in the village unharmed, and they are free to do whatever they want. Throughout the village, there are many places where walls have been erected. The orcs, who constructed the village, used these walls to help protect the village from outside threats.

Outside the village walls, there are a few farms that are tended to by the non-orcs who live in the village. The village is currently battling against bandits and Orcs.

The people of Nogardin want to remain neutral, but with the rise of the orcs in favor of Agonor, it may be impossible for them to remain neutral for much longer. It is rumored that the EEC has plans for this village, and that they hope to turn it into a new empire.



(Good) (Modern) (Fortified) (Walls)


Gondokoro is a large village that is built in the center of a large plain. The village is enclosed by large stone walls, that were built to protect the people of the village. The village is a peaceful community that trades with several other villages around it.

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The village is governed by an elected mayor, and the mayor has a council to help him with the issues in the village. The village is known for its abundance of soil, which has made the village fertile ground for growing crops.

The village is consisted of several smaller buildings that are made out of clay and stone. Many of the farming tools are made out of the clay and stone.

The village has recently started to grow larger, and has become more popular among those that have been known to have lost everything in the past two hundred years of war.

Village Random Encounters and More

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Thanks for reading!

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