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Night Crows – New teaser trailer for Unreal Engine 5 MMORPG from V4 and HIT veterans

First announced around the G-Star 2022 period, Night Crows is an Unreal Engine 5 MMORPG from a new Korean development studio MADNGINE. It has since been confirmed that Night Crows will run on both mobile and PC as a cross platform title. If you did not know, MADNGINE is helmed by veterans who previously made V4. HIT, and Overhit. I am guessing they left NAT Games after it merged with Nexon GT to form Nexon Games.

Another interesting tidbit which I spotted was the lack of WEMIX branding in this new trailer, which is being touted as an “in-game” trailer. The first trailer definitely had it, with Night Crows set to have blockchain integration with the WEMIX platform. There were major financial concerns when WEMIX was delisted from a major stock exchange, since WeMade being the parent company and Night Crows’ publisher stands to lose millions. Currently, it is still unknown if Night Crows will go ahead and have blockchain functions.

Back to the Night Crows game itself, it is currently touting a 1000-player PVP mode, players being able to engage in aerial to ground combat (via gliders) in a backdrop inspired by 13th century Europe which is in chaos due to power struggles and rebellions and encounters various events. Players will assume the role of a Night Crows member, the shadowy group manipulating events behind the scenes. Stay tuned for updates!


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