How to Use Findie in Honkai: Star Rail

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While exploring the mines in Honkai: Star Rail, you will discover this little robot gadget that is going to prove useful in your adventures. Nicknamed Findie, this home-use object finder will prove invaluable in the search for treasures. It seems very easy to use, but there are some issues that you may have to learn how to deal with before fully exploring its potential, and that’s why we’re going to tell you how to use Findie in Honkai: Star Rail.

How Can I Find Items with Findie?

How to Use Findie in Honkai: Star Rail

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That’s a great question, but first let’s check what this object actually is. The official details say that this is an “object finder produced by the Interastral Peace Corporation, lovingly known as Findie. You can find treasures by following the direction indicated by Findie. However, it won’t find things that are too far away.”

What it doesn’t tell you is that the range is very small and that it is a chatterbox that may get on your nerves. But it also doesn’t quite tell you that you can and should place more than one Findie in an area to make it work as if triangulating the location of the hidden object. You must do this to see where each Findie is pointing and consequently adjust the next Findies in a way that you can sort the direction where the rays are pointing to.

Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

When the item is detected, Findie will finally change its dialogue to a more useful “the current search has concluded,” allowing you to investigate the location that is now signaled by a marker and finishing this part of the quest.

While it wasn’t very intuitive to use at first, you’ll soon get the hang of it and learn how to use Findie the best and faster way you can. Just make sure you keep placing it around and checking where all of them are pointing.

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Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

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